Set top box lets you surf the Internet on TV



Rotterdam based company Metrological hopes to introduce a set-top box in November which will enable users to browse the Internet on their television sets.

Yes, that sounds very 1980s, but apparently the device also works as a regular TV tuner. At a price of around 400 euro, the Mediaconnect TV is somewhat expensive for a peppy tuner, the inventors admit, but they hope to sell the device to cable companies who can package it with subscriptions.

Inventors Jeroen Ghijsen and Albert Dahan have a background in designing telemetry systems for airports, and their new device is indeed based on software they wrote for controlling video cameras and lights on landing strips.

(Link: a fawning Parool. Photo: Metrological.)


  1. in the light of the existence of network media tanks, what you describe is desperately obsolete.

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