Dutch singer Ramses Shaffy dies


Dutch singer Ramses Shaffy, known for his Dutch and French music as well as his collaboration with Dutch singer Liesbeth List, has just died of esophageal cancer at age 76, as I saw on television.

I admit I’ve been more interested in his French music, as Shaffy was born in France and grew up later in the Netherlands. The first and last time I saw him was last September, sitting quietly outside, very late at an Italian place after going to the movies.

May he rest in peace. He’s the elderly man in the video.

Liesbeth List is singing in French with the lead singer of Alderliefste, Gerard Alderliefste who sings in French, and then Shaffy joins in, in Dutch. The original song is by French singer Serge Reggiani called ‘Ma dernière volonté’ (My last wish). I love a good bilingual song.

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