Listening to the guy next door


Tim Knol is a 20-year-old Dutch singer from Hoorn, North Holland who really looks like the Dutch guy next door, complete with nonchalant lumberjack wear (Neil Young comes to mind) and a no-nonsense Dutch manner. As of late, he’s been playing shows and concerts in the Netherlands and on 18 January he was on a Dutch talk show that breaks Dutch acts, De Wereld Draait Door (linked song starts at 1:42).

The video here above was taped outdoors in guy-next-door style. Tim is playing A Song for You by Texan singer Townes van Zandt.

The question buzzing around is why do people like this guy and his cover music? Besides an obvious good voice and good English pronunciation, what do you think is special about him?



  1. Peter P says:

    I think the song is by Gram Parsons. Van Zandt is famous for his song “A Song For” but this isn’t that.

    Thanks for sharing Tim Knol with us (in LA).

  2. Darth Paul says:

    He looks like a lesbian friend of mine.

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