July 10, 2019

People stuck in car park during Iron Man race

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As if parking garages were not scary enough on the best of days, a bunch of people about to drive off found out they were locked in during an Iron Man race happening in Hoorn, North Holland a few days ago.

Parking garage Het Jeudje was closed, but still had people in it when that was decided. In what sounds like a calm manner, one woman said at the time “We can’t get out and we don’t know when we will be able to”. Hoorn residents didn’t know anything and got locked in after they entered.

They had to wait 30 minutes, and everything was fine after that. But imagine if they had needed any help, that would have been bad news. Apparently, residents were partially informed about the accessibility issues of their city centre during the race, but not as well as they should have been. The city claimed it sent letters ‘that did not reach everybody’, as it was not able to inform some people who have a ‘no-no’ sticker on their doors, meaning they refuse to receive any unaddressed mail.

As well, the ‘internationally oriented website’ didn’t make getting online info any easier, which I must decode as, it’s in English or Dunglish and not the info residents were looking for. And then you get locked into a car park.

(Link: waarmaarraar.nl, Photo of Westfries Museum, Hoorn by Fnorp, some rights reserved)

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September 17, 2016

Dutch museum gets five masterpieces back from Ukraine

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On 7 October, Ukraine is giving back five masterpieces stolen from the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, North Holland 11 years ago. Twenty-four Dutch Golden Age masterpieces and 70 pieces of silverware were stolen from the museum on January 9, 2005, which back then had an estimated total value of 10 million euro.

In Ukraine earlier this year four Dutch Golden Age masterpieces were recovered in dubious circumstances while a fifth painting was handed back to Ukrainian authorities by an Ukrainian art buyer, also under dubious circumstances. The five paintings were ‘A Peasant Wedding’ by Hendrick Boogaert, ‘Kitchen Scene’ by Floris van Schooten, ‘Return of Jephta’ and ‘Lady World’ by Jacob Waben, and ‘Nieuwstraat in Hoorn’ by Isaak Ouwater.

To celebrate the return of the paintings, the museum will let people in for free as of 8 October for a week. The bad news is, ‘A Peasant Wedding’ and ‘Kitchen Scene’ are in very bad condition and will need crowdfunding to pay for their costly restoration estimated at 100,000 euro.

(Links: au.news.yahoo.com, wfm.nl, Photo of Westfries Museum, Hoorn by Fnorp, some rights reserved)

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December 17, 2014

Half Moon ship to make historic journey to Hoorn

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Half Moon

The New Netherland Museum in Albany, New York will soon be saying ‘bon voyage’ to their Half Moon (‘Halve Maen’) replica, originally a Dutch ship from 1609. Owing to financial difficulties, the city of Hoorn, North Holland that already serves as a retirement home for many old vessels, has agreed to care for the 1989 replica, with the museum retaining ownership.

The Half Moon was used for educational purposes, teaching people about explorer Henry Hudson who came to the New World in 1609 for the Dutch East India Company on board the Dutch ship. Nobody knows yet how the ship will actually cross the Atlantic.

“From the moment the keel of the Half Moon was laid, it has been my ambition to see the Half Moon sail in Dutch waters,” said Andrew A. Hendricks, founder and chairman of the New Netherland Museum/Half Moon Replica. “After 25 years of service as the unofficial flagship of the state of New York, the Half Moon will have the opportunity to sail in the Netherlands.”

(Links: www.timesunion.com, en.wikipedia.org, Photo of Half Moon ship by Katy Silberger, some rights reserved)

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January 17, 2011

Rope to save cats from drowning in canal

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After their fifteenth cat had drowned in the Marquette Canal, the citizens of the Kersenboogerd neighbourhood in Hoorn, Noord Holland, installed a long rope along the side of the steep canal wall to prevent any more cats from drowning. The long rope should help future cats to climb out of the canal more easily, RTV Noord Holland reports in this video segment.

It is unknown why so many cats fall into canals. The Hoorn initiative follows a similar one from Leiden of a couple of years ago called Katuitdegracht.nl.

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September 25, 2010

Roughing it in a life raft, for an hour

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As part of the Noord Holland biennial you can spend an hour or more on a life raft on the IJsselmeer (PDF) near Hoorn. Cell phones are not allowed, but there is apparently a way to signal the organisers that you wish to get off prematurely.

The event was set up by artists Marjolijn Dijkman and José Carlos Martinat, who hope you reach enlightenment in that short time. If you wish to reach enlightenment in a rescue vessel equipped with a Martini bar, sheep skin rugs and a DVD player, you should contact a different artist.

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May 4, 2010

Television sets stolen from prison

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Last month, unknown burglars stole televisions sets from prison cells in Hoorn — twice. The prisoners of Het Keern were on leave, and the second time around the burglars seem to have disabled the alarm.

The justice department suspects an inside job, Telegraaf writes.

Het Keern is a low security prison for inmates who are about to be released.

(Photo by Ken Mayer, some rights reserved)

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February 2, 2010

Listening to the guy next door

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Tim Knol is a 20-year-old Dutch singer from Hoorn, North Holland who really looks like the Dutch guy next door, complete with nonchalant lumberjack wear (Neil Young comes to mind) and a no-nonsense Dutch manner. As of late, he’s been playing shows and concerts in the Netherlands and on 18 January he was on a Dutch talk show that breaks Dutch acts, De Wereld Draait Door (linked song starts at 1:42).

The video here above was taped outdoors in guy-next-door style. Tim is playing A Song for You by Texan singer Townes van Zandt.

The question buzzing around is why do people like this guy and his cover music? Besides an obvious good voice and good English pronunciation, what do you think is special about him?

(Link: nrcnext.nl)

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August 10, 2008

Seven artists escape abandoned prison

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Seven artists escaped an abandoned gaol at the Oostereiland prison island in Hoorn last week. The “prisoners” were participating in an experiment that would see them creating art in a secluded setting for a month, but when they got there, they found the setting a little bit too barbaric. The artists had to sleep on air mattresses and carry chairs from other parts of the complex to their cells.

Six of the original 13 Isolations members remained behind, although what they could possibly learn about prison life under such harsh conditions boggles the imagination.

(Link: Via Trendbeheer (Dutch). Photo by Aapo Haapanen, some rights reserved)

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