First Dutch online bicycle manufacturer


Pink bike sells sturdy city bikes online that clients can design themselves, like mix and match outfits. (Here, just a picture of a totally unrelated cute, pink bike). The bikes are delivered within one week and are put together at your place, live. Tulpfietsen will also give you a free tune-up after four months.

For every bike sold Tulpfietsen will donate 2 euro to the 1WE Rickshaw Project, which offers rickshaw drivers in Bangladesh the opportunity to buy a fixed-up rickshaw with a microcredit.



  1. Neil says:

    What’s a microcredit?

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Google is your friend:

    “Microcredit is the extension of very small loans (microloans) to those in poverty designed to spur entrepreneurship. “

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