The Ice Man is a freak of nature


Wim Hof (aka the Ice Man) holds many records, including being able to ‘chill’ in ice for 1 hour and 13 minutes. Last week, two Dutch scientists tried to measure his bodily responses to cold and concluded that what he can do “is medically impossible”. The more I read up on this, the more I realise that crediting Tummo-meditaion for his talent is just a freaky coincidence.

Professor Maria Hopman explains that Hof is apparently able to influence his nervous system, which is supposed to be impossible. Hof also appears to be able to consciously open and close his blood vessels. Professor Mihai Netea has shown that Hof’s blood cells react differently than normal blood cells even after six days.

In 2009, Wim completed a full marathon of 42,195 kilometres above the polar circle in Finland in temperatures close to -20 degrees. Watch the video.



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