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Folding metal bicycle freight rack


This green metal device can be attached to a regular bike’s rack to greatly increase the amount of freight it can carry. Sort of a free-form pannier.

Inventor René Bijsterveld came up with the Vrachtpatser (from the Dutch words krachtpatser, strong man, and vracht, freight) because as a student he has to lug a lot of heavy stuff around on in his bike, and not in the least crates of beer he confided to NOS Headlines.

The design netted him first prize in 2010’s HEMA design contest in which design students were asked to come up with items that make life on the road easier and more fun.

Worthy of their respective second and third prize were the cardboard pet coffin by Toon Welling, and the juice boxes by Annet Bruil that double as toy cars, air planes and boats.

Voting for the audience award will start June 14. HEMA is a retailer which holds a design contest for students each year with the express purpose of including the most marketable designs in their own line-up.

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(Photos: HEMA. Link: Bright)

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  1. […] Folding metal bicycle freight rack—tested by lugging crates of beer. [Thanks tom] […]

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