Bad values and good riddance



Here’s a Skype conversation between two 24oranges bloggers yesterday, while watching the Dutch national election results:

Branko: “that is so not shopped” (the above picture)
Orangemaster: “It isn’t!! I saw the item on telly!”

Here’s proof: another photo, taken by a legitimate news source.

Branko: “I guess he just doesn’t give a shit anymore. Is he the guy who coveted a job in Europe?” (as in, if I can’t be Prime Minister (power is addictive), I’ll try for some job at the EU level, which he didn’t get because people don’t like him there either!)
Orangemaster: “He’s going doooown tonight.”

Freshly ousted Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende (in the pic), who has just caused a historic loss for his Christian-values peddling party, is wearing a T-shirt with a big swear word and is drinking the worst drug kids will probably ever encounter in their lives: alcohol.

Balkie, as we call him, was visiting the picturesque fishing village of Volendam, where ironically, the youth are bored to tears, drink themselves into a stupor and take lots of drugs when beer doesn’t do the job. But much like Balkie himself, they close their eyes to how people view these problems (total lack of self-relfection), look at the scenery of their touristic village and act like every is fine.

I gladly use this photo taken by Michael Sijbom, ironically (and I laugh writing this), campaign strategist for Balkie’s political party who needs as much image rebuilding as Rotterdam did after WWII.

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  1. Neil says:

    Its too bad the public usually falls for the “christian values” campaign shtik as a stand in for demonstrated good judgment and leadership. Then, one by one, it comes out they’re screwing their legislative aids, getting divorced and re-married, all the time “defending traditional marriage” but not really; really just prohibiting gay people from getting married. It is twisted and nobody seems to notice. For the record, I think christian values are good values, I just hate to see them abused by politicians.

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