My newsagent puts comics mag Eppo in its logical place


I was looking for Eppo magazine at the Primera Heijm newsagent’s today, but at first could not find it with the rest of the comics.

If you see Eppo for what it is though, a ‘re-imagined’ comics magazine for thirty and forty somethings, you ought to look in the grown men’s section.

Although truth be told, I still think it ought to be put with the rest of the comics. That way kids can also reach it.


  1. Once you’ve seen the amount of ugly and senseless violence in the ‘realistic’ comics Eppo publishes, the decision of your newsagent is not only defensible, but even laudable. I read the magazine since two years, but will not continue my subscription, for that and other reasons.

  2. […] The first issue also contains four-pagers of De Generaal by Peter de Smet en Agent 327 by Martin Lodewijk, and a bunch of smaller comics. Van Bavel claims the magazine is aimed at the whole family, though there are those that have reason to doubt the statement. Certainly bi-weekly sister magazine Eppo is not. […]

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