How to improve Rotterdam in 100 steps


In 2010 the Rotterdam bureau for architecture, AIR, released a booklet called RTM100 that contained before and after photos of 100 possible improvements to Rotterdam’s public space. Sometimes comprehensive, like the filling of a disused canal shown here to create a park, sometimes small, and sometimes playful.

The ‘shops were created by Topotronic from Brussels and URA from Rotterdam. The booklet was distributed for free throughout Rotterdam in December.

Writes AIR:

Many places just scream out for a simple intervention. Turning a bench so it faces the sun. Moving a trash can so it is no longer in the middle of the sidewalk. A gate in an otherwise boring wall. A lick of paint on the grey concrete.

Via Holly Moors and AIR, where you’ll find more examples. Seeing as how this booklet was distributed for free I don’t see how you could order a copy, but maybe you could ask AIR.

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