Data centres in churches kept cool, churchgoers kept warm


Warming big old churches and cathedrals are a costly affair in the Netherlands. And when it’s too cold, sometimes they even cancel services. Sustainable consumer platform Nudge in Haarlem held a contest called ‘Holy Warming’ to collect ideas about how to warm up Sint Bavo Cathedral in a sustainable way . The winner was ‘Church on a cloud’: heat the Cathedral by putting a data centre in the cellar. The Cathedral keeps the racks cool and the computers keeps the flock warm. Amen!

(Link:, Photo of the Saint Gertrude cathedral in Utrecht by Wikimedia user pepijntje, some rights reserved)


  1. That is a truly fantastic win-win, thinking outside of the box solution. Brilliant!

    Comment by Sarah Turley — June 28, 2011 @ 4:04 pm

  2. […] Data centres in churches kept cool, churchgoers kept warm […]

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