Dutch ‘Worst Driver’ contestant crashes into TV host


A contestant of a TV show called ‘De Slechtste Chauffeur van Nederland’ (The Worst Driver of the Netherlands) has proven his inability to drive a car by hitting the programme’s host Ruben Nicolai and an unnamed cameraman with his car.

The show was broadcast last Tuesday. The segment shown in the clip was recorded on 12 April 2011 at Twente Airport. A hospital intern leaked the news of Nicolai’s ‘accident’ via Twitter, and was suspended for a short time, Tubantia reports. Nicolai and his colleague sustained only minor injuries.

The contestant who showed the most progress won a car, but the guy who hit Nicolai got his license cut in half by the host.

The show’s final was partially recorded in Paris, where contestants had to kill or maim as few French people as possible on the public road to win it.

Link: Autoblog. Video: Youtube / BNN.

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