Mice running amok in Amsterdam hospital



No, not the lab rats, but actually little grey mice that are not a symbol of hygiene in Dutch folklore. The VU medical centre is being overrun by mice. They’ve always had some mice, but now there are a lot more. The hospital blames the nearby construction, which sounds plausible. “They are digging, and the mice flee and find somewhere else to hide.”

Other gripes include the hospital’s pneumatic tube system that carries patient files get stuck, and when that happens, patients waiting for an operation are at risk. A doctor even said that, ”sometimes, the system works so poorly that a blood sample gets broken and blood pours out when we retreive the post.”

All of Amsterdam, those cute houses on the canals, and apparently hospitals, have mice.

(Link: spitsnieuws.nl)


  1. Johan says:

    I’ve worked in the VU building next door. Having to wipe off mice turds from your desk before starting the day was, and still is I would presume, normal routine there. Also having article printouts with nibbled off corners was common place.

  2. Branko Collin says:

    There’s some construction going on at Station Zuid, with one result being that Burger King now store their trays with leftovers in a little compound outside the building. Both rats—as big as my hand—and jackdaws seem happy with that arrangement.

  3. […] there’s mice at an Albert Heijn supermarket in Limburg! We told you a few years back about mice in a hospital in Amsterdam, and I’m thinking that’s probably worse than at the supermarket, but it’s all […]

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