‘New’ laptop has someone else’s data on it


A man in Haarlem bought a new computer at a big chain store. He got home, started it up and saw that it was full of someone else’s data, like pictures, contracts and tax documents.

The previous owner had bought the laptop a year ago (so obviously not a super recent model) and returned it within a week because it kept crashing. Instead if having it repaired, the store just gave him a new one. But was it a new one?

The new owner and the previous owner are kinda pissed, as you could imagine. I have to assume that the previous owner was incapable or didn’t bother erasing his hard drive, which is weird if the new owner was able to start up the computer and use it. I also assume the shop didn’t even start up the computer, kept in the back and eventually put it back on the shelf.

A friend of mine who worked at a similar big chain store back when computers were big PC klunkers said that they didn’t repair anything and just waited a week and gave clients back the same computer, which is why he left his job when he found out.

(Link: welingelichtekringen.nl)

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