Aggressive partners get free hotel stay in Amsterdam


Men (or women technically, although statistically men) who beat their wives and kids get a free hotel stay in Amsterdam thanks to the law of the temporary restraining order. (The English and French translations are a sloppy read, I bet the rest is too.)

Last year Amsterdam spent about 66,000 euro on the hotels and cab rides of aggressive partners, but Amsterdam wants to put a stop to it. Municipalities are not obliged to pay for these expensive stays by law, but it did make it easier to remove someone from their home for the 10 days of the restraining order.

Remember, this is a country where just last year a national government advert suggested battered women just talk it out with their aggressive partners and where in 2010, it was the only member country whose domestic violence phone help lines were not free to call.

In a time of serious cost cutting, other big cities will probably follow suit. I don’t see why we should provide anything to abusers but psychological help.



  1. c korenman says:

    weet je wat je met dat soort kutkerels moet doen!!!!!!
    de vrouw verplichten om zijn ballen af te snijden en ze zelf op te laten vreten,, dan is het zo afgelopen, wat een kut land..

  2. Invader_Stu says:

    The way they say it makes it sounds like you win a prize.

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