First ever national advert entirely in Frisian


While this coffee advert is mostly in Frisian, with model Doutzen Kroes speaking her native language, the one below claims to be the first ever advert shown on national television that is entirely in Frisian, a language spoken by roughly 400,000 people in the Netherlands. The whole idea of the company saying they speak their client’s language is taken literally, as they cast a real Frisian-speaking employee for this one. He’s not as smooth as his Dutch counterparts, but he’s less plastic fantastic.

The online comments about this advert include, ‘no matter which language it’s still irritating’, ‘Friesland rules!’, ‘Fantastic idea, other dialects too’, ‘stupid Frisians, they should speak Dutch’, ‘keep that crap on Frisian television’ and a whole lot more of good and bad (racist?) comments. In other words, people are talking about it, and that’s good in TV land.



  1. […] this year, we had the very first First ever national advert entirely in Frisian and if cutie pies like Sven and Doutzen speak Frisian, it’s bound to be increasingly […]

  2. Hiyyavrom says:

    What a drop-dead gorgeous languages. The Dutch couldn’t speak it if they tried. DO NOT LOSE IT!

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