‘We’re sending an Indian to the Eurovision Song Contest’


Even national television was trying to hold back its astonishment when they heard that Joan Franka from Rotterdam dressed in a Sioux-like costume won the right to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. I have nothing against her song, but maybe Buffy Sainte Marie could have a good laugh with us.

Last year, bookies rated Dutch Eurovision entry as hopeless, so here it is for anyone who missed it. We were collectively embarrased when Dutch gay-oriented icons The Toppers sang a mouthful of clich├ęs and blinded the audience with lights as camouflage. I was already traumatised with the Netherlands’ entry from 2006, which I called ‘de trommelende trutten’ (roughly ‘the drumming bimbos’) who sang in a nonsense language to boot.

But this year, a shy singer with a guitar and some high notes won over the Dutch for reasons all the ones who didn’t vote for her couldn’t explain, like some sort of schism. Two promising soul singers where also in the running, both with problems in the interpretation of the songs they sang, but got nailed by Hiawatha, Pocahontas, Winnetou, and other nicknames. Leave out the costume and at least we won’t get laughed at this time. Yes, the costume refers to the song, but please get rid of it.

If she wins anything, I’ll whip out my peace pipe.

UPDATE: here it is.


  1. Branko Collin says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDwCNKJRCk4 sounds like an OK radio tune, but I do not see it winning the Campstravaganza.

  2. Daniel Lechner says:

    I’m telling: this song is gonna win it for the Netherlands! It’s upbeat, catchy, and above all, very authentic. You might wanna pre-order your own Indian headdress already: they will be sold out all over Europe after May 26th!

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