Disabled Dutchman in Paris makes a film about love and getting around


“I got the idea for this film from a trip I made in my wheelchair through Europe a few years ago. And I noticed that Paris really stuck out as a ‘wheelchair enemy’.”

Ironically called ‘Rue des Invalides’, named after a street in Paris (well OK, boulevard) or the metro station of the same name, which in turn refers to a hotel that houses war invalids, this clip features Mari Sanders who wants to make a film about a guy in a wheelchair falling in love in Paris, with a good dose of humour.

In fact, besides pointing out that they have no budget whatsoever, watch Mari try and get up stairs for real with more energy than most non invalid people have. We’re not used to seeing this, but I know I want to see his film already, regardless. Thanks Mari for reminding us that we take strolling around Paris for granted.

I always thought Amsterdam was wheelchair unfriendly – let’s be honest, all of Europe was never built for cars or anyone in a wheelchair – but I had never stopped to think how bad Paris is.

(Link: www.geenstijl.nl)

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