September 10, 2019

Transavia refuses service dogs, ruins girls’ vacation

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A while back we told you about a gym that refused a man with his service dog, and now Dutch budget airline Transavia is feeling the wrath of social media for refusing two girls on board with service dogs.

The two friends were on their way to Pula, Croatia from Rotterdam with their two dogs and their foster mother, but the airline refused to board the two dogs the day before. One of the girls said that they had booked the tickets in April, and that they have it on paper – the most important condition for them to be able to go away – that Transavia was fine with having the dogs on board. The day before their departure, the airline said that the dogs would have to go in the hold, and that led to this story making the papers.

Transavia said rules have changed and that too many people ask to have their dogs on board, which they wanted to put a stop to. “Some people will be negatively affected by this”, a spokesperson said. To add insult to injury, to make up for their crappy last-minute decision, the airline decided to give them dinner coupons. Problem is, the two girls both have eating and anxiety disorders, which is why they have service dogs in the first place.

Enjoy your negative PR, Transavia.


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March 29, 2012

Disabled Dutchman in Paris makes a film about love and getting around

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“I got the idea for this film from a trip I made in my wheelchair through Europe a few years ago. And I noticed that Paris really stuck out as a ‘wheelchair enemy’.”

Ironically called ‘Rue des Invalides’, named after a street in Paris (well OK, boulevard) or the metro station of the same name, which in turn refers to a hotel that houses war invalids, this clip features Mari Sanders who wants to make a film about a guy in a wheelchair falling in love in Paris, with a good dose of humour.

In fact, besides pointing out that they have no budget whatsoever, watch Mari try and get up stairs for real with more energy than most non invalid people have. We’re not used to seeing this, but I know I want to see his film already, regardless. Thanks Mari for reminding us that we take strolling around Paris for granted.

I always thought Amsterdam was wheelchair unfriendly – let’s be honest, all of Europe was never built for cars or anyone in a wheelchair – but I had never stopped to think how bad Paris is.


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September 27, 2011

Tax office tells woman to divorce for benefits

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To be eligible for child care benefits a woman with a disabled husband was advised by the tax office to get a divorce.

The husband needs constant care, which he gets in health care facilities, and is rarely at home. The tax office figured the man does not work (duh) therefore he has time to take care of the kids, meaning she has no reason to receive child care benefits.

As a solution, the caring tax people suggested she get an actual divorce (not a separation) and then she could get benefits. She was also given the advice over the phone.

Never mind the ‘get a divorce’ bit, which was probably very shocking and insulting to the woman, the fact that a divorce would solve this problem instead of adjusting the rules is insane.


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December 22, 2009

‘Not being normal is disturbing to others’

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The recently opened exhibition Niet Normaal (‘Not Normal’) Difference on Display features 80 works by major international artists who question normality, held in the famous Beurs van Berlage building downtown Amsterdam.

In an attempt to talk about something else than snow and trains, I failed with the latter. The NS (Dutch railways) has banned a poster picturing a nude sculpture by British artist Marc Quinn of a disabled athlete missing one upper arm and lower leg because they apparently feel that it is too confrontational and unfit for the public at large. What about all the horrible (by horrible, I mean just badly done) sexist, sexy, racist, boring, stupid and ugly posters? If those are normal, them I’m a proud freak in my own sane way.

So bravo ‘normal people’ of the Dutch railways, you’ve managed to tell the entire country that disabled people are not normal as well as being ‘offensive’ to look at even in picture form. Splendid marketing coup for the exhibition I guess.

(Link:, Photo of Mosaic by pink_fish13, some rights reserved)

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