The PAL-V finally makes its maiden flight


Way back in 2007 we had already posted on the flying car, announced by Dutch company PAL-V, and in 2009 we posted about PAL-V finally demoing it and it didn’t fly.

Earlier this year [2009] Pal-V promised a demonstration of its technology, it disappointed the collected international press by showing a gyroscope and a Carver, but not the hybrid that everybody has been waiting for these past years.

And since third time’s the charm, here below is the video of the flying car, uploaded just yesterday. The PAL-V can be used in road traffic as well as in the air, offering a choice of driving or flying. It can reach speeds of up to 180 km/h on land and in the air, and should have a normal petrol version and biofuel version. I wonder about licenses, insurances, pundits, and the rest of the fallout, but one thing at a time.


  1. The Wolf says:

    So, almost four years and it’s the same website. I figure like most “new roadable aircraft” this one is is a hyper-expensive joke. Yet more vaporware. I wonder if the people running this are related to Moller and his SkyCar? LOL!

    The Carver went bankrupt which is what the chassis is built on so I wonder when this one is going to tank, too?

    And seriously – it will never be affordable enough for someone to have to “bypass congestion on the highway”. If you can afford this, you can afford a professional driver, limo and most likely a corporate jet (at least fractional ownership, anyway.)

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