14-year-old signs record deal with Universal


Known in the music world as Erik Arbores (aka Erik van den Boom — nice pun, boom means ‘tree’), the 14-year-old boy has just signed a deal with Universal, making him the youngest composer they currently have.

He makes pop-oriented house music (a happier, slower sounding Armin van Buuren who supports him and was surely an influence) and can play a piano properly. He’s quit school for the time being and plans to concentrate on his music career and get back to school in 4-5 years. He graduated from high school at 13 (!) and was already studying physics at the Delft University of Technology, so he really does have the time.

He comes across as happy yet serious, and seems to deal with all the attention he gets pretty well.

Listen to his first hit, Bliss from the EP Take it, out last fall.

(Links: www.rnw.nl, www.whompingstereo.com)

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