Indian judge surprised by question about riding a bicycle


An Indian judge moving to The Hague got a bit of a shock when they asked him about certain transport preferences, The Indian Express wrote last month:

Justice Dalveer Bhandari is to leave for The Hague next month to join the International Court of Justice. Bhandari was perplexed when he received a phone call from The Hague asking whether he would like a bicycle to be booked for him. In India, justices are used to limousines and pilot cars, and the thought that in The Hague most people travel by cycles for short distances came as a culture shock to the honourable judge.

Justice Bhandari was sworn in on June 19, Indlaw writes.

For more about dignitaries and their bicycles, see also: Journalistic portraits of photojournalists.

(Link: Bicycledutch. Photo of the Peace Palace in The Hague by Alkan de Beaumont Chaglar, some rights reserved)

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