Dutch nail world record longest hearse procession


The Dutch city of Baarn, Utrecht has bumped off Hell, Michigan (what’s in a name) as record holder of the longest hearse parade on Thursday, 30 August 2012. The American Just Hearse’N Around group had 51 hearses on 17 September 2011, while the Dutch managed to rally 107 hearses and easily set a Guinness World Record.

Nuvema, the group who held the attempt yesterday, was enthusiastic about the turnout and also the media attention paid to hearses, which is good for business. Check out the pictures of all the hearses that participated).

(Link: perssupport.nl, Photo of Hearse by Jason L. Parks, some rights reserved).


  1. Scary Guy says:

    Six were from the group Mortis City. Without us they wouldn’t have gotten it to begin with.

    Just correcting your facts :)

  2. The call goes out to every hearse owner in the country. Meet us in Hell on September 15th and bring the record back to the USA! The Deadly Grounds Coffee Hearse from Connecticut will be there to help caffeinate everyone.

  3. Creepy One says:

    Scary Guy, you gotta let it go man. I came up from Ohio with another one of my group members, so without the two of us, they wouldn’t have set the record either. JHA puts on a great show, and we are happy that they invite all of us to attend it, and let us be part of the Guinness World Record. I ordered my certificate, and I chose to not put my club name on it, but I suppose you could if you want. Bottom line, it is their show, not yours, so let’s give credit where credit is due.

  4. TGM says:

    It is true without any of us the record would not of been reached, we are a team with ONE goal.  Get this record back to America where it belongs.  See you all in HELL !!!!

  5. Dr. Frybrain says:

    Thanks Creepy One. Yes it is true, we could not have established the record without everyone’s participation.

    We can definately take the record back this year, if all 52 of us return, plus all the folks that said they wanted to, plus all of the folks that thought it was a private event (it’s open to the public), plus all the Pro Car owners in the area, plus the Michigan and Ohio funeral homes. If we got all that, 108 is a walk in the park, er, I mean, cemetary.

    See you all in Hell!

  6. EC says:

    Unfortunately, it seems we now have the world record of hearses actually transporting remains :(

    But did Hell ever manage to get this record back?

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