Dutch multinational HEMA starts selling headscarves


HEMA, one of the country’s favourite stores, has started selling headscarves — the only major Dutch chain ever to do so. They are selling an ‘easy to wear’ version and a ‘traditional’ version, both at difference prices and in a range of colours.

Ironically, last year in Genk, Belgium a HEMA employee was threatened with the non-extension of her work contract for wearing a headscarf and refusing to take it off. In their defense, the Belgian shop said they didn’t want employees with any kind of religious symbols, not even heavy tattoos or piercings.

The Netherlands has no problems with employees wearing headscarves, and in many other stores they have colour coordinated ones that match the corporate image, making it a non-issue.

I recently bought some stuff at HEMA and the male employee had a visible ‘Live fast die soon’ tattoo that attracted my attention, but didn’t diminish the good service.

(Link: www.z24, Photo of Women wearing head scarves by http://www.flickr.com/photos/limbic/, some rights reserved)

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