Germans attempt to smuggle over 200 live tarantulas


Customs at Schiphol airport intercepted some Germans with over 200 live tarantulas and other creepy crawlies they brought back in their suitcases from their travels to Peru. This could have been their idea of money making souvenirs just in time for Halloween.

Not only did they ‘hide’ the arachnoids and insects in plastic containers, but also in their clothes and shoes. The whole lot is poisonous and will be examined by entomologists and whatever the name is of experts who analyse spiders.

(Link:, Photo of Ctenus exlineae (F Ctenidae) by Marshal Hedin, some rights reserved)


  1. Vincent says:

    “whatever the name is of experts who analyse spiders”: arachnologists ;)

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Thanks, I was tired :)

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