‘Two strikes and the government will make you homeless’


While everybody has been distracted by other news, the Dutch Senate quietly passed two laws that allow the government to enter into people’s homes on suspicion on fraud without having a shred of proof. The second law states that anybody caught committing fraud for the second time will see their entire income automagically disappear for five whole years.

Anybody on benefits of any kind is ‘at risk’ of having a pencil pusher at their door at any time now. As well, anybody who receives money in the form of a government allocation (kids, housing, etc.) is also a candidate for a pencil pusher’s visit. Old people and parents are not amused.

All kinds of organisations are saying it’s disproportionate and highly controversial. Sure, the government wants to crack down on fraud, but this seems to go too far, even legally. If someone were to commit fraud twice and get caught, they’d have no benefits anymore to live on and will be forced to find a job, is the ‘logic’ behind the law.

I think they’ll force people into crime and poverty, and the media is going to have fun compiling the sob stories.



  1. Nooitgedacht says:

    Just benefit fraud or any kind of fraud?

  2. Orangemaster says:

    Fraud is fraud, but obviously tracking down benefit fraud is the aim of these two laws. Good question.

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