Joost Swarte designs pair of glasses


A person might say that Joost Swarte’s dark-rimmed Quotation Marks glasses are ‘expensive’, but that person would fail to see that these 250 euro glasses are ‘design’.

What makes the design of these glasses is a pair of quotation marks displayed on each side of the wearer’s face—which also is the name of the product, Quotation Marks. I can imagine it now, you go to Lukx, the off and online optician, and the sales person says “these glasses really make you what I like to call quote-unquote-you”. And you will say “these glasses really speak to me”. Sale for Mr Humphries!

I guess that in the grand scheme of things, if you are going to pay for a name, that name might as well be that of comics giant Joost Swarte, and you might as well pay 125 euro per quotation mark.

At least you get a free signed and numbered Joost Swarte print when you purchase his glasses.

(Image: Lukx)

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