Bike path with solar cells finally being built



In 2011 we had a story about a Dutch bike path with solar panels to be built in Krommenie, North Holland by SolaRoad in 2012, but apparently construction is happening right now in October 2014.

A straight stretch of 70 metres of bike path is being fitted with a concrete base, topped with a 1 cm thick layer of crystalline silicon solar cells. The solar cells will be protected by a thick, heavy-duty glass surface strong enough to drive a truck over it.

The Netherlands’ 140,000 kilometres of bike paths could be built out of 400 to 500 km2 of solar cells, which would provide a much bigger surface than the total roof surface of all Dutch houses, to give you an idea of future possibilities.

(Link:, Photo: SolaRoad)


  1. Johan says:

    Huh, this is crazy. Either the surface will have to be very rough to avoid cyclists slipping and falling, or be smooth so that light can reach the solar panels. I’m very skeptical that this could work.

    Also, replacing all bike paths with this is just impossible. That is just a reken-jezelf-rijk red herring.

  2. Orangemaster says:

    I was also wondering about the first part, but since construction is underway, I can’t imagine it’s going to be dangerous for cyclists. I do agree with the second part, it’s bad green marketing speak.

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