Charity shop may have scored a Mondriaan painting



A charity shop in Naarden may have actually scored an authentic painting by Piet Mondriaan, which could be worth thousands of euro.

Right after laying eyes on it, the employee of the shop thought it could be real and placed it in a special ‘treasure’ room for safe keeping. He called up a Dutch auctioneer who confirmed that it could indeed be the real deal.

According to the auctioneer, it looks like other works Mondriaan produced around 1900, but of course, its authenticity will need to be verified and that normally takes quite some time.

If the charity shop were to make money off selling the painting, they could hire more people who need jobs and have difficulties finding one, which is their purpose. The painting is currently worth 100 to 200 euro, but they say it would be nice if they could sell it for 10,000 euro.

(Link: nhnieuws, Photo of another recently found Mondriaan painting, ‘Hooimijt achter een rij bomen’ (‘Hay stack behind a row of trees’) by Dolf van Omme)

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