February 10, 2017

Charity shop may have scored a Mondriaan painting

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A charity shop in Naarden may have actually scored an authentic painting by Piet Mondriaan, which could be worth thousands of euro.

Right after laying eyes on it, the employee of the shop thought it could be real and placed it in a special ‘treasure’ room for safe keeping. He called up a Dutch auctioneer who confirmed that it could indeed be the real deal.

According to the auctioneer, it looks like other works Mondriaan produced around 1900, but of course, its authenticity will need to be verified and that normally takes quite some time.

If the charity shop were to make money off selling the painting, they could hire more people who need jobs and have difficulties finding one, which is their purpose. The painting is currently worth 100 to 200 euro, but they say it would be nice if they could sell it for 10,000 euro.

(Link: nhnieuws, Photo of another recently found Mondriaan painting, ‘Hooimijt achter een rij bomen’ (‘Hay stack behind a row of trees’) by Dolf van Omme)

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February 4, 2017

Buildings in The Hague get a Mondriaan makeover

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For the centennial of Dutch art movement De Stijl of which Piet Mondriaan (or Mondrian) was a member of, the city of The Hague has had city hall done up as a Mondriaan painting, with characteristic blue, red and yellow squares and bold black lines.

The project was made using large, adhesive, monochrome rectangles, applied one by one by Rotterdam-based design firm Studio Vollaerszwart, making the building look like a De Stijl-type artwork. Other buildings in The Hague will follow suit, include pontoons in the Hofvijver, a pond in the city the centre, and the Mauritshuis museum.

(Link: hyperallergic.com, Photo: trendbeheer.com)

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February 1, 2015

Stop motion video paints Mondriaan with Lego

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Paint magically turns into Lego in this stop motion video entitled ‘CheesyBricks’.

(Link: roomed.nl, Photo: trendbeheer.com)

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June 5, 2014

Major UK Mondrian exhibition opens in Liverpool

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On June 6, The Tate Liverpool museum will be opening the exhibition Mondrian and his studios, a huge UK Mondrian exhibition, including a life-size reconstruction of his Paris studio, all commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Dutch painter’s death.

I first saw his paintings as a 14-year-old when I travelled to New York City on a school trip from MontrĂ©al. We had visited the Whitney Museum of American Art and I had bought a few postcards of his work. Back then, I knew he was from the Netherlands, but what I found odd was writing ‘Mondrian’ instead of ‘Mondriaan’, even if that is how the artist wrote his name to make it more international. And today, the most banal of products, including hair products, have the Mondrian touch, truly making him a household name.

Closer to home, the Mondriaanhuis (Mondrian house, pictured above) in Amersfoort is surely a much more solemn experience, but very authentic, as I remember. The Mondriaanhuis features works from the artist’s early figurative period as well as artwork from other contemporary artists. In other words, more of his drawings of flowers and less of the primary coloured squares. The folks who work there will talk your ears off about their local international artist, don’t you worry about that.

Check out the Facebook group with Mondriaan-related things.

(Links: www.bbc.com, www.mondriaanhuis.nl, Photo by Elly Waterman, some rights reserved)

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August 5, 2010

Piet Mondriaan Facebook group celebrates first year

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Besides the very cute cake, there’s also a whole bunch of Piet Mondriaan inspired things.

(Link: pietmondriaan.com, photo: trendbeheer.com)


July 20, 2010

Mondriaan painting stolen from Dutch museum

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Tonight, on a Dutch television show that usually calls upon people to find missing children or criminals, we will be called upon for a stolen portrait of Arda Boogers (see painting here), painted by world-famous artist, Piet Mondriaan. It was stolen in mid June from the Freriks Museum in Winterswijk. Since we like numbers, it is insured to the tune of 28,000 euro. It is considered to be missing internationally, so keep your eyes open.

(Link: telegraaf.nl)

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October 13, 2009

New exhibition for one visitor an hour

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As of 26 October, the Mondriaan house museum in Amersfoort will be holding an exhibition entitled ‘Steven Aalders verbindt…’ (‘Steven Aalders connects’), which apparently must be viewed by one visitor at a time for 60 minutes. The idea is to turn the museum into a silent place where visitors can ‘let the art wash over them’ and ‘enjoy the empty spaces of the halls’. The exhibition features sculptures, architecture and music.

Yes, Piet Mondriaan (or anglicised to ‘Mondrian’) is that Dutch artist who went from painting landscapes and flowers to those grids with red, blue and yellow squares. Oh, and he was born in that house in Amersfoort.

(Link: haarlemsdagblad, Photo by Elly Waterman, some rights reserved)

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June 11, 2007

Three unknown Mondriaan paintings discovered

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Three unknown works by Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan were recently discovered at an appraisal in France. The oil paintings are not listed in the 1998 works catalogue.

The three paintings are ‘Hooimijt achter een rij bomen’ (‘Hay stack behind a row of trees’, seen here), ‘Irissen tegen een rode achtergrond’ (‘Irisses against a red background’) and ‘Boerenhoeve door bomen omringd’ (‘Farm house surrounded by trees’). The discovery was made by Amsterdam art dealer Dolf van Omme, who obtained the paintings through the heritage of a collector.

The authenticity of the works was confirmed by specialists. They are not signed, but then Mondriaan did not sign his paintings very often. Van Omme is selling one of the paintings for EUR 100,000, while the other two will be given back to the owner.

(Link: RTL, Photo: Dolf van Omme)

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