Dutch photographer uses camera with ‘water’ lens



Dutch photographer Robin de Puy was approached by Belgian bottled water company Spa for a marketing campaign that involved taking pictures using a water droplet as a lens. This was done by combining fluid dynamics, electricity and optics in order to show how pure Spa’s water is. The ‘camera’ consists of a glass plate with a water-repellent coating, sitting atop a diaphragm, which is in turn sitting atop an image sensor.

Scientists worked together on this project and custom-built a special ‘water drop’ camera, explained in the Dutch video below (use the closed captions for English)

The photographs taken as a result have a soft focus feel to them. “Taking the portraits was a big challenge for me. I have to admit I had gotten quite spoiled working with the newest cameras, being used to the speed and convenience. For this project I had to start at the base again: a mirror, a diaphragm, a lens (the Spa droplet) and a sensor mounted on top of each other,’ explained De Puy.

(Link: dpreview.com)

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