Dutch operate robot handing out abortion pills in Belfast


On May 31, a robot was handing out abortion pills in Northern Ireland, an action organised by a collaboration between Amsterdam’s Women on Waves and Women on Web, as well as ROSA from the UK that supplied the protesters. The goal was to draw attention to the fact that abortion is still illegal in Northern Ireland even though it is part of the United Kingdom where it is legal. On June 7 the UK Supreme Court will announce a decision on the issue.

And the robot was operated by a Dutch teenager, accompanied by a Dutch doctor for the pills. Women were given the pill and took it, both in Belfast in front of the courthouse and in Amsterdam at the company event space of Mediamatic, streamed live as well. Although it was a bit slow on the Dutch side according to Vice.com, there was an overwhelming amount of police officers present during the action in Belfast where the police arrested the robot. The robot even filmed its own arrest.

(Links: vice.com and womenonwaves.org)

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