Dutch police start using expandable batons


The Dutch police are learning all about a the expandable or telescopic baton that has the ‘desired effect’, that the shorter, older ones didn’t have. The expandable baton is more modern and more effective, according to pilots carried out in Deventer and Zwolle. A lot of other police forces around the world use them as well.

The expandable baton is being phased in, just like with other weapons, and the cops need to be trained to use them properly. At the end of this year if all goes well, all Dutch cops will be sporting the new baton. Trainer Michael Huijs seen in the video below assures us that although this is a new weapon, the rules on how and when to use violence haven’t changed.

Check this Dutch video for how the Dutch police train their folks on using these new batons:

(Link: politie.nl, Photo of Expandable baton by Dmg ie, some rights reserved)

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