Mars or bust: bust it is for Dutch mission


Back in 2012, Bas Lansdorp of Mars One was planning a reality show on Mars, but that has now officially been scrubbed, as Mars One declared bankruptcy last month. Behind the scenes, there is talk of solving the situation, but for now, nobody is going anywhere.

Some said it was a scam, others including many scientists said humankind is nowhere near ready to go to Mars, let alone in 10 years. It’s one thing for NASA and friends to organise such a mission, but we are now in an era where private companies are working on space exploration and that will change the financing and the goals of space travel. We live in exciting times.

We’ve had some Martian stories about Dutch suits being made for Mars, growing food for Mars and even two Dutchmen wanting to go to Mars. For now, all of it will have to remain in the realm of science fiction.


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