February 12, 2019

Mars or bust: bust it is for Dutch mission

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Back in 2012, Bas Lansdorp of Mars One was planning a reality show on Mars, but that has now officially been scrubbed, as Mars One declared bankruptcy last month. Behind the scenes, there is talk of solving the situation, but for now, nobody is going anywhere.

Some said it was a scam, others including many scientists said humankind is nowhere near ready to go to Mars, let alone in 10 years. It’s one thing for NASA and friends to organise such a mission, but we are now in an era where private companies are working on space exploration and that will change the financing and the goals of space travel. We live in exciting times.

We’ve had some Martian stories about Dutch suits being made for Mars, growing food for Mars and even two Dutchmen wanting to go to Mars. For now, all of it will have to remain in the realm of science fiction.

(Link: dutchnews.nl)

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October 9, 2013

A naked dating show, the next level in reality television

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Here we go again: another reality show on yet another ‘deserted’ island with yet another bunch of seemingly unattached not too bad looking young people, but this time they are naked. ‘Adam looking for Eve’ (‘Adam zkt. Eva’ in Dutch) is going to hit televisions in 2014 and is considered going ‘back to basics’, that is, instead of hiding behind social media for dating purposes, this show gets it all out in the open very literally.

First of all, I don’t like the title: why can’t Eve look for Adam as well? Does it really have to imply that men chase like cavemen and women are just dumb prey? The naked part is easy shock value and upping the game no matter what the makers say. They’ll put dumb people on the show for sure because that sells very well, naked or not.

(Link: www.wel.nl, Illustration by Michelangelo)

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September 26, 2007

Reality show going to the dogs

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Totally fed up of seeing famous Dutch people (who nobody knows outside the country) ballroom dance, teenagers singing in English in the hopes of becoming American singers (they know what their chances are if they sing in Dutch) or cameras following backpackers in China trying to hitch a ride with no money? There’s something new coming up: Holland’s Next Dog Model. Look, the name is in English – again.

People are passé, dogs are the new people. The only creatures cuter are babies (debatable), and that would surely open a legal can of worms.

(Link: Spunk.nl)

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