Longest Dutch street name sign disappears


In Early December, not too long ago in a land not too far away – Duiven, Gelderland in the East of the country which some of you might know for its big Swedish furniture store – was able to claim they had the longest street name in the country: Laan van de landinrichtingscommissie Duiven-Westervoort (roughly, ‘The Duiven-Westervoort land use committee lane’).

However, the 2.6 meter-long sign disappeared or was removed two weeks after it was unveiled. It is unclear why the sign is gone: theft, repairs, who knows. And nobody knows if the city of Duiven is planning to make a new one. My money is on ‘stolen’ simply because the sign is so unique. The street had technically been around since 2010, but only recently got its own sign. Easy come, easy go.

Talking about signs always reminds me that an entire Dutch neighbourhood has street names based on Lord of the Rings.

(Link and sign: nos.nl)


  1. Is there a video/audio of someone reading that sign? I’d like to get my hands on that!

  2. Branko Collin says:

    Why not, it is the holidays anyway. Here is my attempt.

    • Thanks, Branko Collin :). That’s much better than the slow-motion version Google Translate gave me. Yours is much more lively!
      With the being said, it sounds like a tongue twister to me. I can’t say that just yet!

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