January 11, 2018

Carnival song targets violent former minister

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Dutch carnival season always brings out the best of the cheesiest carnival songs, and this year we start with an on topic tune that pokes fun at Camiel Eurlings, former Minister of Transport and CEO of KLM who has been prosecuted for assaulting his former girlfriend, “giving her a concussion [that still is an issue today], a broken eye socket and a broken elbow”.

With the name ‘Blond & Blauw’ (‘Blond and Blue’, instead of ‘Black and Blue’), the woman sings ‘Losse Handjes’, (‘loose hands’, which in Dutch implies ‘flying off the handle quickly using one’s hands’ = hitting someone. Eurlings is not explicitly mentioned, but it is very much about him. As well, Eurlings happens to come from Limburg, a part of the country that celebrates carnival wholeheartedly and recently quit his cushy side gig at the International Olympic Committee trying to not become the Dutch #metoo poster child, but it’s too late.

All kinds of good jibes in there: ‘if a woman says no, keep your paws/mits to yourself’ and ‘it’s always the same song [story]’. And this video is really not about the music.

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March 21, 2015

Toy shop sells mirrors for assaulting women

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A distant cousin of the 1970s T-shirt ‘Sex inspector first lesson free’ that was once funny but now icky, this wonderful gadget called the ‘Extendable inspection mirror’ could be used as a toy to find things stuck behind furniture, but the image on the box suggests otherwise.

The image conveyed here is that it is OK for young boys (what is up with those glasses?) to sexually assault women because it’s funny. Although I’m glad Dutch folks on Twitter blew the whistle on this one, the typical ‘we thought it was odd too, but we stacked in the shelves anyway’ response from the shop shows how much critical thinking some employees have, which is none at all. The toy shop in question is busy scrambling and pulling the item from their shelves after it hit the media because they were too stupid to come to that conclusion themselves.

(Link and photo: nieuws.nl)

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March 15, 2013

Sexual violence at school is part of student life

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Four out of five teachers at schools witnessed sexual violence in 2012, which according to researchers, is not translating into preventive measures, so students have no idea what is OK and what is not. Some 12% of students have been a victim of sexual violence, which includes unwanted gestures or comments (harassment), being touched, groped, assaulted and raped. If I were a bad student, my boundaries would be what I can get away with without being caught. How can schools make a big deal out of teaching children about sexuality and even homosexuality, but not deal with preventing sexual violence? Or we’ve missed something.

Sexuality research institute Rutgers WPF has said that all secondary schools should draw up rules to make it clear that some forms of sexual behaviour are unacceptable. I am surprised this doesn’t already exist, and if it does, it should make the papers as well.

Forcibly putting one’s tongue into someone else’s mouth is now no longer be classified as rape, according to Dutch courts this week. Imagine, French kissing (in Dutch, ‘tongzoenen’, or ‘tongue kissing’) was considered rape, but all of the above is still taking place in school.

I remember a boy who was taller and more developed than the rest of us in my first year of secondary school had poked me very hard in the ‘breast’. I was wearing overalls and he basically pushed really hard on the button part several times. I waited until he walked off and kicked him in the balls from behind, forcing him to the ground. I was dead scared he would beat me up, but because his friends saw it, I was OK. Not defending myself would have made it worse, à  la Freaks and Geeks.

(Links: Dutch News, www.nrc.nl)

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