June 3, 2009

Australian troops in Afghanistan complain about Dutch food

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The Australian military fighting in the Afghan province of Uruzgan alongside the Dutch are complaining about the Dutch food they are being served. While Dutch sources say the Australians have called the Dutch food ‘tasteless’, English sources explain that Australians do not fancy European food in general and are used to fresher ingredients. The English source says the Dutch food is ‘generally nutritious’ and ‘has the right amount of calories’, but New Zealand sources say the lack of BBQs and typical Australian food is an issue. Australian sources say the Aussies are ‘fussy’ and ‘there was nothing wrong with the Dutch food, which had sustained Czech, Singaporean, Slovak and Dutch troops without complaint.’

So the Dutch sound offended and the Australians come off as whiners. But this bit in the Australian source trying to make their own troops sound bad is quite revealing: “Fresh yoghurt, cereals, cheese, fruit, and pickled herring is likely to be replaced by more fried eggs, bacon, sausages and “barbeques”, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said.”

So if that last bit is actually true, the healthy ‘Dutch’ food is being replaced by totally unhealthy, greasy pub food. Dutch food is by no means Europe’s favourite, but if the Aussie troops want junk food – because that’s what that is – don’t say ‘typical Australian food’. Last time I checked, fried eggs, bacon and sausages was typical food in the US, Canada, England, Ireland and surely a few more Commonwealth countries.

Any Australians in the room?

(Link: rtl.nl, alertnet.org, tvnz.co.nz, theaustralian)

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December 23, 2007

Crossing the Pacific, home for Christmas

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Ocean rower and adventurer Ralph Tuijn will be back in the Netherlands today just before Christmas after nine months of rowing on the ocean. He rowed 16,000 km and kept going even after a cyclone.

Tuijn left Peru, South America in March 2007 to head to Brisbane, Australia. Never before has an ocean rower crossed the Pacific without any assistance. Because of the wind Tuijn did not reach Brisbane and did not fully succeed his expedition. Instead, he landed on the island of Fiji.

On Fiji, Tuijn rested with his wife and daughter when cyclone Daman whipped by the island. Tuijn will arrive as expected this afternoon at Schiphol Airport.

(Link: De Pers)

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