October 23, 2010

Dutch cuisine increases sperm count

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Dutch cooking, the kitchen that has put the meat and the potatoes in meat ‘n’ potatoes, is great for increasing male fertility according to PhD student Marijana Vujkovic.

Men who eat meat, potatoes and vegetables have a sperm count twice as high as those with other diets.

Women on the other hand seem to benefit the most from a Mediterranean diet, which includes vegetable oils, vegetables and fish.

Vujkovic gets to defend her thesis next Wednesday, Trouw reports. An article by Vujkovic and others about the same issue in the Oxford Journal on Human Reproduction can be read here.

(Photo by FotoosVanRobin, some rights reserved)

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January 7, 2010

Traditional Dutch food to go in Utrecht

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In 2008, we posted about Mailing food, an Amsterdam start-up that served stamppot and other food, and now Utrecht is following suit with a new chain of stamppot restaurants, with dreams of conquering New York City in the future. Stamppot to go opened ‘quietly’ on 17 December 2009, but should have a proper grand opening soon. Although stamppot is winter food, they will be open in the summer with summer variants.

For one, I’m thrilled someone is pushing food domestically that many of us here eat, counterbalancing the madness at pushing cheese on Asians in general who are quite lactose-intolerant or pushing the cheese slicer (‘kaasschaaf’) (a Norwegian invention) on Americans as the next best thing since sliced bread (pardon the pun). Although potaotes are South American in origin, smoked sausage is a Dutch invention and that’s what makes the stamppot a great dish.

(Link: zibb.nl, Photo of an endive potato mash with meatless sausage by Jasja Dekker, some rights reserved)

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June 3, 2009

Australian troops in Afghanistan complain about Dutch food

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The Australian military fighting in the Afghan province of Uruzgan alongside the Dutch are complaining about the Dutch food they are being served. While Dutch sources say the Australians have called the Dutch food ‘tasteless’, English sources explain that Australians do not fancy European food in general and are used to fresher ingredients. The English source says the Dutch food is ‘generally nutritious’ and ‘has the right amount of calories’, but New Zealand sources say the lack of BBQs and typical Australian food is an issue. Australian sources say the Aussies are ‘fussy’ and ‘there was nothing wrong with the Dutch food, which had sustained Czech, Singaporean, Slovak and Dutch troops without complaint.’

So the Dutch sound offended and the Australians come off as whiners. But this bit in the Australian source trying to make their own troops sound bad is quite revealing: “Fresh yoghurt, cereals, cheese, fruit, and pickled herring is likely to be replaced by more fried eggs, bacon, sausages and “barbeques”, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said.”

So if that last bit is actually true, the healthy ‘Dutch’ food is being replaced by totally unhealthy, greasy pub food. Dutch food is by no means Europe’s favourite, but if the Aussie troops want junk food – because that’s what that is – don’t say ‘typical Australian food’. Last time I checked, fried eggs, bacon and sausages was typical food in the US, Canada, England, Ireland and surely a few more Commonwealth countries.

Any Australians in the room?

(Link: rtl.nl, alertnet.org, tvnz.co.nz, theaustralian)

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March 8, 2009

Dutch expat misses typical food in Germany

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This week I came to work in Munich and stayed at 24oranges’ third blogger, Eric. Eric is Dutch and has been happily living in Munich for four years. Germans keep asking him what he misses about his native country and it usually boils down to food.

What did I pack in my suitcase as a gift? Conimex Indonesian products from the supermarket. Dutch food is quite bland, which explains the Dutch’s prediliction for Indonesian food. (Indonesia is a former Dutch colony.)

Eric also misses the junk food ‘friet speciaal’, French fries with mayonnaise, ketchup and onions and ‘dropjes’ (black, sweet or salty liquorice sweets), the latter I also brought.

Also, the chunks of Dutch cheese sold at the store are way too small and the major brand is called ‘Pikantje van Antje’ (seen above retro version), the German symbol for Dutch cheese in Germany, served with German beer of course.

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