February 2, 2010

Breaking: sex with animals finally illegal

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Way back in 2007 we wrote ‘Netherlands top distributors of animal porn‘, which still is one of the most used search words (‘animal porn’) on 24oranges. And after a tougher article ‘Man ‘rapes’ sheep, but did the sheep suffer?‘, the Dutch government has finally decided that sex with animals is illegal and will be banning animal porn as well.

I bet you there will be a run on animal porn, but we don’t plan on really checking.

(Link: nu.nl)

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July 26, 2007

Man ‘rapes’ sheep, but did the sheep suffer?

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In the fields of Haaksbergen, Overijssel the police arrested a man ‘raping’ a sheep because the sheep’s owner, who must have seen it happen, filed a complaint. Sex with animals in the Netherlands is only punishable by law if there is proof the animal suffered and the police need to investigate the matter further.

So if the police conclude the animal did not suffer, it can’t be called rape. But what was it? It surely wasn’t consentual. What about ‘abusing’ someone else’s property? Yes, animals are property here last time I checked. Any thoughts, people?

This is not the first time that sex with animals has made it on 24 oranges. The law hasn’t changed since the last time we posted about it.

(Link: rtl.nl)

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April 6, 2007

Netherlands top distributors of animal porn

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Apparently, The Netherlands is top dog when it comes to distributing animal pornography, as it is one of the few countries left where this type of pornography is not forbidden. Filming animal pornography mostly takes place in Central Europe and Brazil, as the legislation there is also non-existent.

“The top two companies are located in The Netherlands,” according to the Director of Topscore in Doetinchem, one of the two companies in question. The other one is Cybermedia in Nieuwegein. “Of the 10 new films we release every month, the three animal films sell the best”. Many foreigners come specially to Amsterdam to buy animal porn and most animal porn websites are hosted here. The Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin is considering banning animal porn in The Netherlands.

Why is this news? There was a recent Dutch article about a man raping another person’s pony 45 times (!) who could not be prosecuted because there’s no law against having sex with animals. They were thinking of getting him from breaking and entering.


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