June 26, 2013

Music blog EHPO calls it quits

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After blogging for five years Niels Aalberts, the former manager of Kyteman’s Hiphop Orkest, will discontinue his popular blog for musicians, Eerste Hulp Bij Plaatopnamen or EHPO.

Aalberts feels he has said what he had to say and that his blog has run its course: “What I dreamed about five years ago has now become reality. Beginning musicians can do many things themselves, professionally, quickly and cheaply. […] What I tried to do with EHPO is done. I am sure to return to blogging, but in a different way and about different subjects.”

EHPO told musicians how to use social media, how to deal with contracts, what venues there are to sell music and so on. Aalberts also let producers and marketers from major Dutch acts use his site to tell their story. Both David Schreurs of Caro Emerald and Fulco Polderman of Marco Borsato used the site to explain how they marketed their respective acts.

The name is a pun and literally means First Aid For Music Recordings. The Dutch phrase for ‘first aid’ is ‘eerste hulp bij ongevallen’ and is abbreviated as EHBO.

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December 31, 2010

Dutch music retrospective 2010

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I’d like to finish 2010 on a postive note literally and figuratively with some Dutch artists who caught my ear this year for all sorts of reasons.

Jungle by Night – E.T.. A young Amsterdam playing brassy Afrobeat music that are surely going to have a successful 2011.

AIFF – Life ft. Linda Bloemhard (of The Jazzinvaders). I always enjoy DJing AIFF, a Dordrecht-based Afrobeat group that rarely performs, here with Linda Bloemhard of Dutch jazz-funk band The Jazzinvaders. Please perform more in 2011!

The Madd – Je suis parti. A Rotterdam band that had decided to spilt up and do other things (I love their two French songs), 2011 will have new beginnings for them.

Caro Emerald – The Other Woman. Yes, she’s a commercial success, but rightly so. Caro does not tire and we all look forward to what 2011 will bring for her. There are rumours of her possibly singing in French, you heard it from me first. (The song kicks in at 0:35.)

Happy New Year!

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August 29, 2010

Biggest pop artists work outside traditional record company structures

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The past week Kyteman manager Niels Aalberts has been posting and annotating a six part e-mail correspondence with Caro Emerald producer David Schreurs about how they got to their respective successes.

One of the most remarkable ideas in the stories of both Kyteman and Caro Emerald as noted by internet marketeer Erwin Blom is the one of developing success outside the framework of traditional record companies. Schreurs mentions that this makes it easier to make quick decisions (you don’t have to keep track of everybody’s agendas), and that since your money is not disappearing into the deep pockets of the share holders of the likes of Sony, you can allocate resources for expensive projects more easily.

Kyteman is young jazz musician Colin Bender’s project, a hip hop orchestra containing 12 instrumentalists and 10 MCs. Their debut album The Hermit Sessions (2009) has been in the Dutch Album Top 100 for the past 79 weeks, and has sold 60,000 copies so far. Earlier this year the orchestra won the Popprijs.

Caro Emerald (Caroline van der Leeuw) is a jazz singer whose A Night Like This shot to the top of the charts, and whose album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor easily took over the record for most weeks at number 1 in the Dutch Album Top 100 (30 and counting)—the previous record was held by Michael Jackson’s Thriller (27 in 1982). In the second quarter of this year, Deleted Scenes accounted for 10% of all album sales in the Netherlands.

(Photo of Kyteman and a smattering of his MCs by Oxfam Novib, some rights reserved)

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