August 20, 2014

Dutch film so bad Amsterdam won’t show it

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Don’t get me wrong, there are some excellent Dutch films out there, some of which even helped me learn the language before I immigrated here many moons ago. However, if Dutch distribution companies and cinemas think a film is so bad they call it ‘a low point in Dutch film history’, then it must be some 50 shades of shitty. Surprise, it’s a total ’50 shades of grey’ rip-off if we believe the media because I already planned to ignore the original for as long as I live.

The film is called ‘De Overgave’ (roughly ‘The Surrender’) and here’s the trailer if you must). Major cinemas in Amsterdam have snubbed it, arthouse cinemas who are known to appreciate an underappreciated film have turned it down and the film’s Amsterdam distribution company only made 5 or 6 copies instead of the planned 50 or 60 because it’s, well, shite.

The directeur Paul Ruven is apparently well known for writing books about how to copy Hollywood film successes. Gosh.

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July 22, 2009

Rotterdam cinema cashes in on bad behaviour

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Pathé de Munt

We’ve blogged quite a bit about a disturbing trend called the ‘War on fun’, but as of late, the wind is blowing in an entirely different and more disturbing direction: cashing in on what was once considered normal.

The big Pathé cinema in downtown Rotterdam is offering 30+ VIP screenings at an additional price, including coat check (useless during three seasons here) and popcorn. Sounds good, but what’s the difference? It’s quiet.

The whole idea is apparently a hit. Normal is in again, but it’ll cost ya. Oh, and they claim the extra price tag is to pay for additional security because ushers can’t shut the kids up.

Yes, it seems the Pathé is bad at getting rid of ‘youth making noise and causing problems’. And apparently the only way the Pathé can promise a quiet movie is by kicking out patrons younger than 30 years of age — that’s what the 30+ stands for — and getting the thirty-somethings to fork out more money for normality with a nice side order of discrimination. It’s like a one-night gated community of well-behaved, slightly richer people.

I can hear some of you now: ‘Pfff typical Rotterdam’, ‘pfff stupid kids’, pfff those damn (fill in ethnic slur of choice)’. Or maybe it’s an upgraded New Coke syndrome: take away the regular, create a need, fill in the gap and nail people with the bill. Maybe it is brilliant. Scary thought.

I never really liked the Pathé and enjoy my own DVD collection at home with my own popcorn, my own beverages and my chosen company. The Pathé has given me an extra reason to not give them my money: they don’t have the cojones to do their job properly, and have monetary reasons to never do so again.

No wonder people download films from the Internet! Remember, in Amsterdam a while back, Pathé de Munt were the people who divulged their visitors’ personal data because their personnel can’t use computers properly.

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