May 27, 2012

Schorem, a man’s man hair dresser in Rotterdam

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In its Bright Spot series, tech mag Bright reviews Rotterdam barbershop Schorem (‘scum’) which caters exclusively to men.

If you want, you can get a haircut and a shave there (55 euro all included) with old fashioned tools such as straight razors, and you can apparently have a beer while you wait. Only for men, because “every man has the right to a place where he can be a man”.

Last year Noël Schoolderman created a series of short documentaries about ‘old crafts’, and the first episode was about Schorem:

One of the barbers says in the video: “A man should only be touched by three other men in his lifetime: his doctor, his tailor and his barber. […] These days you can see a proliferation of Albert Heijns, Blokkers, Xenoses, all the big retail chains. I think people these days have a need for something unique, something with that special touch.”

(Video and screen capture: MrSchorem)

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November 17, 2011

‘Knitting graffiti’ wins best neologism for 2011

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The Dutch verb ‘wildbreien’ (literally ‘wild knitting’, but really meaning ‘knitting graffiti’) was chosen as the neologism (new word) of 2011. Instead of something negative or lowbrow, knitting graffiti should makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside. I know I did when I snapped pictures of it in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district. It is also referred to as ‘straatbreien’ (‘street knitting’) because it livens up the streets.

If only it could keep them warm.


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