December 25, 2007

Passer-by gets offered plasma TV for staying quiet, gets arrested

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Last week the police apprehended three people for theft and one for buying stolen goods. The three were stealing TVs from a truck they had cut open which was parked near the A58 highway when they initially got caught by a passer-by. The three offered the man a flatscreen TV for his silence, which he accepted. But when he was loading the ill-gotten fruit into his car’s boot, a police car pulled into the parking area. The officers noticed something suspicious going on and arrested all four.


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July 1, 2007

Stupid burglar leaves ID behind

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Saturday night, a 30-year-old burglar in Tilburg attempted to rob a student dorm and left his wallet and ID card behind, according to the police. They have not caught him yet, but remember, the Netherlands is small.
The man from Tilburg, Noord-Brabant was probably startled when he was caught in the act by a 19-year-old student. The woman woke up and saw an unknown man in her room. She screamed, he ran, he got away by bike.

Shouldn’t be a tough case.

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May 13, 2007

High voltage drama in Tilburg

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Might as well use the same picture as when two guys climbed up a hoist vehicle.

Yesterday, a 35-year-old homeless man in Tilburg freaked people out by climbing up a high voltage tower, up to 25 metres. According to the article, the man was confused (what does that mean, no one knows). Two police negotiators and a family member talked him down after a three hour sit up there. He got some crisis help after that. Understandable.

(Link: Omroep Brabant)

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April 9, 2007

A bridge too far

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Last Saturday, the police in Nijmegen received various reports that men were jumping off the Waalbrug (Waal bridge, here opposite) and immediately rushed to the scene. They found two men in their underwear who were about to jump off the bridge, while down below, two other men were climbing out of the Waal River. Attempted suicide? Not even close. Apparently the men had met some women in a cafe who refused to date them unless they jumped off the bridge.

(Link: blikopnieuws)

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