August 15, 2008

Emergency car help strictly for the highly educated

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An insurance company in Dordrecht offers an emergency help service that caters to people with high vocational education, university level education and middle and upper management personnel. The company National Academic claims it can offer prices that are lower than that of the competition, ANWB (the Dutch automobile association) and Route Mobiel.

Although the car insurance has been around for two years, the emergency help can now be offered separately from the car insurance, which is why it’s in the news. The prices are lower because apparently the target group “is more careful with their things and has regular maintenance done more often.” They are also not clear on who falls under middle and upper management, which gets sorted on a request form. If someone lies about this fact, they will served but told to look elsewhere next time.

And yet this year if I remember correctly, giving women lower car insurance rates because they have less accidents was ruled sex discrimination. Just so you know. I can imagine one good reason why the not so highly educated take care of their stuff better: money, and not intelligence.

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July 31, 2008

Google up against Dutch cleaning machine company

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Google’s recent announcement to launch Knol, a portmanteau for Knowledge Portal, cannot register the domain as it has been owned by a Dutch cleaning machine company of the same name in Dordrecht, South Holland for years.

The amusing part is that all of sudden Knol’s website is immensely popular, as the world assumed Google owned When I heard of the project, my first impression was that it sounded Dutch, and now I know why. Hilco Knol in true Dutch merchant style was quoted as saying, “It will get interesting if they [Google] come with a six-zero figure since the Dutch tax office will take 52% of the amount that I would get for selling the website name. An offer of a million or more would be much sweeter.”


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March 16, 2007

Stolen bike found seven years later

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On Monday 12 March, the police in Dordrecht found a bicycle that had been reported stolen seven years ago. The current 17-year-old owner was brought to the police station and claimed she didn’t know the bicycle was stolen. She thought it belonged to her mother. The bicycle was spotted near a school without its original bike lock (these locks are usually part of Dutch bikes). The police’s computer system had the bicycle down as having been stolen in 2000.

In Amsterdam, some 80,000 bikes are stolen every year.


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