January 8, 2018

Netherlands gets first energy-neutral house

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The small village of Abbenes, North Holland is home to the very first enery-neutral pop-up house in the country, based on a design from the company Pop-Up House that hails from Marseille, France.

Claiming to make passive construction easy, the idea is to build homes that are not only affordable, but also free of energy costs, in this case, natural gas. I specify ‘natural gas’ because electricity is not considered an energy cost for most people around the world, but I come from Québec, Canada where about 90 of heating is generated from electricity, with natural gas as a back-up during winters like the one they’re having right now.

“A passive house is a building which has limited heat loss and takes advantage of natural factors in its direct environment (bio-climatic design). A passive house’s energy consumption is very low and thermal indoor comfort is ensured all year long.” To me, this sounds great in a part of the world that barely sees a minus on the thermometer.

This Lego-like house (see video) also costs 80 per cent less than a ‘normal’ house and can be built much faster, in about five months, according to Pop-Up House.

Pop-Up House: the affordable passive house from Popup House on Vimeo.

(Link and photo: bright.nl)

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March 25, 2008

Electrowetting displays coming up in 2008

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Philips spin-off Liquavista announced last week that it will start production of so-called electrowetting displays this year, having secured 8 million euro in investment money. Electrowetting is a member of a loosely knit family of energy efficient reflective display technologies. It works by manipulating layers of oil and water in a cell (pixel). Liquavista expects to produce small displays for use in mobile devices such as mobile phones and watches first. The Eindhoven-based company claims its ColorMatch FreeStyle platform will have more than twice the brightness of LCD displays.

Via Bright (Dutch). First published at Teleread. Source image: Liquavista.

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