January 23, 2011

Samsung buys display maker Liquavista

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Dutch Philips spin-off Liquavista develops so-called electrowetting displays, a form of electronic paper that has the reflective capacities of regular paper, but the live updating capabilities of LCD screens.

Traditionally e-paper has been very slow. If you own a Kindle you know it can take a second or longer to update a screen. Animation and video need 15 updates a second to make the illusion of movement work (see ‘frame rate’, ‘persistence of vision’), and the Liquavista displays promise to deliver this.

According to Intomobile, Samsung anounced their purchase last Friday. It is unknown what the electronics giant paid.

Liquavista is a product of the Philips’ High Tech Campus, formerly known as Natlab, in Eindhoven.

Video: Youtube/ARMdevices.net

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July 22, 2009

Foldable e-reader Readius provides last headlines

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“Readius is dead” (CNet), “… goes under” (Washington Post), “… closes its doors” (Geek.com), “… files for bankruptcy” (IT Pro Portal)—news sites are struggling not have to use the headline PC World did: “Flexible eBook reader company folds.”

Polymer Vision, the Dutch display company that came up with the foldable electronic reading device Readius, has, as you may have inferred by now, filed for bankruptcy. CNet quotes CEO Karl McGoldrick as saying that the product itself may survive: “We are working hard to find new investors to take over and re-start and get our technology and product into the market, where it should be.”

There is some speculation among tech sites whether the arrival of the Amazon Kindle may have led to Polymer Vision’s demise, but that seems unlikely to me. The Kindle is only sold in the USA, and there is plenty of room for e-readers in the rest of the world. A more probable assumption is that the Eindhoven-based company has serious competition from recent, large screen mobile phones. Early press photos of the Readius suggested that the device was to be used by business people on the move for reading up on stock reports and news.

(Photo: Polymer Vision.)

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August 28, 2008

Intelligent, clickable LED displays

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Gizmodo went to Philips’ research lab in Eindhoven and made a short clip about magnetic, intelligent, LED-based display tiles. Presumably to be used for large stage displays, these tiles can be attached to each other without screws or cables, forming one big screen together. Once a tile is connected to the rest of the “swarm,” it figures out by itself what its position and orientation are, and immediately starts displaying the “missing” part of the image.

Philips has already been making hotel rooms according to similar principles (plug ‘n’ play).

Image: Gizmodo.

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March 25, 2008

Electrowetting displays coming up in 2008

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Philips spin-off Liquavista announced last week that it will start production of so-called electrowetting displays this year, having secured 8 million euro in investment money. Electrowetting is a member of a loosely knit family of energy efficient reflective display technologies. It works by manipulating layers of oil and water in a cell (pixel). Liquavista expects to produce small displays for use in mobile devices such as mobile phones and watches first. The Eindhoven-based company claims its ColorMatch FreeStyle platform will have more than twice the brightness of LCD displays.

Via Bright (Dutch). First published at Teleread. Source image: Liquavista.

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