May 2, 2018

Dutch fund sells plasters for different skin tones

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The Nederlands Albert Schweitzer Fund (NASF) that aims to support initiatives for Africans has produced adhesive plasters in different skin tones that are being sold in Dutch drugstores, an actual Dutch first.

Together with being told to use ‘the skin colour pencil’ that was always a peach-like beige, ‘nude’ panty hose and ‘nude’ bras, so many products are created with only Caucasian people in mind.

The first bunch of plasters made by the NASF will come in six skin tones and cost 3,99 euro per pack of 24. For every pack sold, one euro will be donated through NASF to an African cause. As the NASF says themselves, “everyone is equal, but not everyone is the same”.

And this not a world first. American company Tru-Colour Bandages has been selling plasters of many different skin tones for a while, although only available in The Netherlands through Amazon. Founder Toby Meisenheimer, a father of six children in Chicago thought the standard beige-like bandages looked ‘totally stupid’ on the head of one of his sons.


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September 29, 2007

Colour code your first aid kit

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first aid

How does that Dutch advert go, “but the answer is allllllways simple?” Two entrepreneurs from Roosendaal and Oudenbosch came up with a colour-coded first aid kit. The code list describes what stuff is used for what. Simple. For the photo of the real thing, follow the link.

The inventors Dick van ‘t Hoff and Ronald Cleijsen have asked for a patent on the idea. They have also found a manufacturer ready to go to the market with them. The ESE in Veldhoven (aka buyers) will be buying their first aid kits. I love a good business story.

(Link: Omroep Brabant)

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