February 13, 2013

Staying in shape to catch thieves and beat the enemy

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A group of seven women in Leiden were doing an exercise bootcamp in a park when a thief ran off with the instructor’s handbag. The seven women took off after him, and one of the women caught him. While they called the cops, the man got away and the group of women ran after him and caught him again. He was arrested.

Segueing into other bootcamp-related news, Dutch newspaper AD says that about 3,300 Dutch soldiers are not fit enough to go on missions, claiming that one third, 15,500 out of 43,000, do not even show up for their obligatory physical fitness test. The test consists of 20 press-ups (push-ups), 25 sit-ups and being able to run 2,250 metres. Other tests around the world are much harder than this one and even I can do this test easily.

Why bother being in the army if you can’t defend your country because you’re out of shape? The women’s bootcamp in Leiden could run circles around you, losers.

(Link: nos.nl, www.ad.nl, Photo of Getting fit by Fit Approach. Used under the terms of GNU FDL)

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February 11, 2008

Utrecht police get served paper pizza

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The police in Utrecht are kicking off a fitness campaign called ‘Zorg goed voor jezelf’ (‘Take good care of yourself’). The cops will be given a pizza box, albeit not with pizza inside. The box features a paper pizza that are vouchers for various fitness-related clinics, such as quit smoking, learning about healthy food, and hydrospinning and nordic walking.

The pizza box is a hint to eating healthier and is meant to get the police to think about their lifestyle. The Netherlands doesn’t have doughnuts shops like they do in North America by the way.

I don’t understand why the box has to have an English motto and why it doesn’t really make any sense.

(Link and image: vleesmagazine.nl)

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February 27, 2007

Dutch naked fitness to go global

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Thanks to the Dutch nudist federation (Naturisten Federatie Nederland – NFN), plans for starting fitness for nudists in a sports school in the Dutch town of Heteren have attracted worldwide interest in naked fitness. Since fitness centre owner Patrick de Man went public with his plans, he has been called from the US, England, Germany and Belgium. According to the NFN, The Netherlands will be the first country ever to offer naked fitness.

(Link: www.ad.nl, Photo: Photo of Stationary bikes by janeyesee, some rights reserved)

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