October 11, 2014

Skull made from toy soldiers by Dimitri Spijk

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skull-smaller-dimitri-spijkHengelo-based artist Dimitri Spijk made this skull out of toy soldiers.

Spijk doesn’t appear to have a website, but I found this photo on his Facebook account. The price of the work is 1,000 euro, although it’s unclear if it’s still for sale.

Check Spijk’s Timeline for other works, I already saw a painting (“for the aspiring Spijk collector” as the artist writes) for 50 euro and a birdseed helmet with the text “voer vogels, niet oorlog” (‘feed birds, don’t make war’—in Dutch it is a pun) for 75 euro.

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February 13, 2013

Staying in shape to catch thieves and beat the enemy

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A group of seven women in Leiden were doing an exercise bootcamp in a park when a thief ran off with the instructor’s handbag. The seven women took off after him, and one of the women caught him. While they called the cops, the man got away and the group of women ran after him and caught him again. He was arrested.

Segueing into other bootcamp-related news, Dutch newspaper AD says that about 3,300 Dutch soldiers are not fit enough to go on missions, claiming that one third, 15,500 out of 43,000, do not even show up for their obligatory physical fitness test. The test consists of 20 press-ups (push-ups), 25 sit-ups and being able to run 2,250 metres. Other tests around the world are much harder than this one and even I can do this test easily.

Why bother being in the army if you can’t defend your country because you’re out of shape? The women’s bootcamp in Leiden could run circles around you, losers.

(Link: nos.nl, www.ad.nl, Photo of Getting fit by Fit Approach. Used under the terms of GNU FDL)

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